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AvaSpec Multichannel Fiber Optic Spectrometers


AvaSpec -USB1.1 platform

The AvaSpec USB1.1 platform Fiber Optic Spectrometers can be configured as single, dual, triple, quadruple or multi-channel instrument with up to 8 different spectrometer channels, all read out simultaneously, controlled by a master´s board microprocessor.

The simultaneous data-sampling allows fast read-out and enables monitoring of pulsed light sources with different channels looking at the same pulse.

Multi-channel spectrometers all consist of the same detector type (102, 256 or 1024 or 2048 pixels), the spectrometer channels can of course cover different wavelength ranges or have different resolution specifications. For each channel grating, wavelength range and options need to be specified.

The multi-channel spectrometers all run with one USB interface and under AvaSoft software.

Multi-channel housing can be in 9.5" desktop (for 1-4 channels) or 19" rack mount housing (1-8 channels)


AvaSpec -USB2.0 platform - maximum modularity

The new AvaSpec-USB2.0 platform offers maximum modularity for multi-channel applications. For each channel a different wavelength range, detector and integration time can be selected, without loosing the advantage of synchronization between the different channels. The AvaSpec-USB2.0 platform uses the USB2.0 bus to connect the different channels to the PC platform and supports up to 127 channels. New applications that can be realized with  the AvaSpec-USB2.0 multi-channel platform:

  • Different integration times or averaging setting per channel, still start each scan simultaneously for all synchronized channels

  • Different detector types, such as UV/VIS and NIR detectors possible to cover a wide wavelength range with one spectrometer system

  • More than 8 channels (even up to 127 channels) can be connected through USB2 hubs.

To order a USB2.0 multi-channel, please specify the different spectrometers (-RM) and options and the housing (up to 4 channels in desktop, up to 10 channels in rack mount).

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