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AvaSpec-1024 Fiber Optic Spectrometer


The AvaSpec-1024 Fiber Optic Spectrometer is based on the AvaBench-75 symmetrical Czerny-Turner design with 1024 pixel CMOS Detector Array. The spectrometer has a fiber optic entrance connector (Standard SMA, others possible), collimating and focusing mirror and diffractional grating. A choice of 16 different gratings with different dispersion and blaze angles enable applications in the 200-1100nm range. The AvaSpec-1024 can be delivered with 2 platforms of electronics; either with USB1.1 with 14 bit AD converter or the new USB2.0 interface with 16 bit AD converter.

The AvaSpec-1024 is specially suitable for low noise applications with good resolution. Digital IO ports enable external triggering and control of shutter and pulsed light sources from the Avantes line of instruments.

The AvaSpec-1024 is also available as dual channel or multiple channel instrument (up to 8 channels), where all spectra are taken simultaneously.

The AvaSpec-1024 comes with AvaSoft-basic, a complete manual, USB interface cable and a PS-12V/1.0A power supply. AvaSoft-full and application software can be ordered separately.

Alternatively the AvaSpec-1024-SPU has a switch to run on USB power or external power.

The new AvaSpec-1024-USB2 has a USB2 interface with ultrafast datasampling of 450 spectra per second and datatransfer in 2.2msec and supports analog in-and outputs as well. Optional Bluetooth® (-BT) communication and an SD card for on-board saving of spectra can be added. The AvaSpec-1024-USB2 runs on USB power and comes with AvaSoft-basic, a complete manual and USB interface cable. Multiple (up to 127) USB2 spectrometers with different detector types can be externally coupled (see section multi-channel spectrometers).

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