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Фибероптический мультиплексор

Фибероптический мультиплексор

The Fiber Optic Multiplexer is an instrument that can optically couple 1 input channels to 16 different output channels. The multiplexer consist of a precisely controlled stepper motor and a rotator block. The optical path is coupled through multiple COL-UV collimating lenses. The Fiber Optic Multiplexer is software controlled and interfaces to a PC through the RS-232 protocol. The software enables full control of the switching order, switching time and delay time. The multiplexer is also available as 2 input 8 output version. Applications can be found in process industry, where multiple locations need to be measured with multiple probes, all with one spectrometer channel and/or light source.

The Multiplexer can work as a stand-alone unit for which a sample program is included. The FOM-DLL can be ordered to implement the FOM in your own software. The AvaSoft-FOM application add-on software is available to integrate the FOM into the AvaSpec spectrometers.

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