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Измерительные модули – оптоволоконная спектрометрия

A complete program for fiber optic SMA 905 coupled sampling accessories is available from Avantes. The sampling accessories can be divided into different categories, depending on the intended application:

  • Integrating spheres, available in 2 types:

  • Irradiance for measuring radiometric and photometric quantities of LED’s and other light sources.

  • Reflection for measuring color parameters of object surfaces, such as L, a, b, hue, Chromaticity


Cuvette holders, available in 5 different types:

  • Standard 10 mm optical path length for UV/VIS/NIR absorption measurements 

  • 10 mm path length with one side port under 90 degrees for fluorescence applications

  • 10 mm path length with 2 light paths for dual channel spectroscopy and fluorescence measurements

  • Variable path length 0-100 mm for strong absorption or low absorption measurements

Direct attached cuvette holders to connect directly to SMA-coupled light sources. These cuvette holders are specially usefull for fluorescence applications.


  • Inline filter holders

  • Optical table mounts for collimating lenses, as presented under fiber optic accessories.

  • Flow cells for different types of applications:

  • In-line absorption measurements and process control 1/2” and 1/4” with 5/10mm path length.

  • Micro-flow cells for low volume, high pressure and HPLC applications.

  • Long path flow cells for very low-absorption measurements.

  • White reflective material to be used as a reference material for reflection measurements (for example color applications)

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