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Кюветодержатель – стандартная 1 см лабораторная кювета

The CUV-UV/VIS, CUV-FL-UV/VIS and CUV-ALL-UV/VIS cuvette sample holders are designed for transmission/fluorescence measurements using a 10 x 10 mm cuvette. It features adjustable clamping to hold non-uniform cuvettes at a repeatable location. All cuvette sample holders have a 5 mm wide slit for filters and a cover to prevent ambient light entering the light path.




The CUV-UV/VIS comes with 2 collimating lenses with adjustable focus to maximize the light throughput. The CUVFL- UV/VIS has 2 collimating lenses, under 90 degrees for fluorescence measurements, the other 2 ports have a mirror. The CUV-ALL-UV/VIS has 4 collimating lenses, all COL-UV/VIS in 2 optical paths.

All cuvette holders can be used in the UV/VIS and NIR range.

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