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AvaSpec Fast Trigger Fiber Optic Spectrometers


The AvaSpec-2048FT is a special version of the AvaSpec-2048 with USB1 platform, that can start integration time with nanoseconds delay after an external trigger. The external trigger can be applied by TTL signal to a Digital-in port in the AvaSpec´s DB-15 interface connector. A TTL output port is available to trigger a pulsed laser and the nanoseconds delay before starting the integration time can be set in software (AvaSoft-Full required), the option for -42 ns negative delay makes it extremely useful for measuring pulsed lasers. The TTL output port can be used for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and fluorescence applications, where measurement needs to start after the laser has been fired.

The AvaSpec-2048FT can be delivered in all configurations and has all features of the AvaSpec-2048.

The Multi-channel AvaSpec-2048FT-8 allows you to do LIBS measurements in the 200-1000nm range with 0.1 nm resolution.

The USB2 platform offers even more flexibility and speed for the fast trigger applications. The AvaSpec-2048-USB2 have a programmable laser delay and  laser pulsewidth.

For the USB2 platform multiple scans can be controlled by software (AvaSoft-Full).

Timing Diagram

Technical Data




t1 laser delay

fixed 1.3 µs


Steps for t1


21 ns

t2 integr. delay



Steps for t2


21 ns

t3 pulsewidth

fixed 15µs


Steps for t3


21 ns

tint Integr time



Steps for tint

1 ms


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